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Category: IP Address Router Admin Login Guide 2017 IP Login Admin Guide: Wireless internet router works by connecting a LAN wire to the open port on the router. LAN or Local Area Network is a connection created by your internet service provider to give internet connection to the people who have subscribed to the company’s plan. There is a specific address that is associated with every connection as well as a personal computer and the wireless router. This address is called Internet Protocol address. This address is unique for every computer but is same for all the routers of the same brand. This internet protocol address is used to gain access to the configuration of the wireless internet router. So, it is important to know the correct internet protocol address of your wireless internet router. IP Address Guide For Router Admin Login:

Internet protocol address of your wireless internet router will allow you to make changes to your proxy addresses, login ID, network SSID, password of your network and all other changes that you wish to make. It is also important to know and understand that the wireless internet router used in the houses are different than the ones being used in the offices. For the wireless routers used in the offices, the guide is quite different than the ones used at home. When you buy a new wireless internet router, it is important to read the manual to make sure you do not press anything wrong and malfunction the device. Let us look at a few points which might help you to get the best of your router. check how to login to your router from IP address. IP Address Router Admin Login IP Address Router Admin Login

The Complete IP Router Login Guide:

  • You will have to first begin by knowing the login ID and the password for your admin page of your wireless internet router. On the first visit to your admin page, the login ID and password are set as ‘admin’ and’ admin’ respectively. Till you do not change the password and the login ID, it will remain as ‘admin’ only.
  • Once you have successfully logged in to the admin page ( IP Router Admin Login), you are now open to make changes in the configuration of your wireless internet router. There are various options which you can use to customize your wireless internet router according to your usage. If your internet connection is poor, you will have to have to change your proxy address so that you can access your website even when the internet is slow.
  • You can access your DHCP option and here, you will be able to change your login ID and password. You can also change the network name that is called as network SSID. When you choose the DHCP option, you will get an option to set a new password or change the old one. It also allows you to keep different types of the password such as alphanumeric, alphabets only and numbers only.
  • You can change the network name by entering the name of your choice in the network SSID dialogue box. This will change the name of your network. this is all about IP Address Router Admin Login Guide.


You can always use the internet to know more about your wireless internet router. This is the key features of the IP address. still have doubts on IP Admin Guide don’t worry. comment your doubt. we will try to sort out your problems. thank you.

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