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Login to by following this easy guide. The router is a network transmitting device that helps to provide internet data to the computer. Internet data is provided by optical fiber lines to provide the high speed to the computer. Routers are mostly hardware devices but sometimes software related routers are also available. Without routers, it will be hard to get connected to the internet. Routers are available for home-based computers and office based computers. Router Admin Login:

Both hardware based and software based routers are famous now. As the internet is something which is a need for everyone in today’s world, the business for routers has also increased. These routers are now coming in small packages like Data card or D-link devices. There are many types of routers available in the market. They are wireless routers, broadband routers, and core routers etc. Wireless routers are so famous now. This article will deal about Router and password changing guide.

About Router Login: Router is a commonly used router and it is preferred by many people because of its simplicity in usage techniques. Most of the internet settings open with this IP address only. The browser is very simple and usage technique is also simple. This router is famous not only in India but in the United States also. In India and United States, the IP addresses are different but the usage procedures are all same.

Configuring router and activating internet facilities is the first step in opening up the router. Once opened, username and password have to be provided and then the router is opened and you can have access to the internet. When you change the password and in case you forget it, the following changing guide would you.

Login, Admin Password Changing Guide Of is a commonly used router and the procedures for opening the browser is simple. is the IP address for Netgear, Linksys, ZyXEL and TP-Link routers. Type in the address bar of the browser. The login page will open. Type the username and password on the login page. The default username and password are the same. Please note even a small error in typing the browser address may make the web page not to appear.

Steps to change the admin password (

  • As mentioned above, login username and password mostly comes in a simple form and it is mostly admin.
  • The username and passwords have to be written in lowercase letters.
  • One can easily change the password by clicking on the Management icon available on the left side.
  • After clicking management icon, click on the access control tab.
  • Then click on the password tab to open the page for re-setting the password. You have to type the new password twice and then your work is over. You have set the new password.
  • After the above procedure, you have to click save option to save the settings.

Steps to recover ip if you forget username and password:

  • If you forget username and password, then there is only one choice which is to reset the router.
  • You will find the reset button which has to be pressed continuously for 15 seconds.
  • After few seconds, the power, WLAN connection, and other lights will light up to start the new set-up.


Hope this article brings enough information about Router Login, Admin Password Changing Guide.

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